2009: Omega celebrates ten years of the co-axial escapement

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Omega, the flagship brand of the Swatch Group, celebrating the tenth anniversary of his famous co-axial escapement. On this occasion, back on the history of this watch technical advance imagined by George Daniels. In 1999, when Omega 2500 co-axial calibre, it is the industry of mechanical watchmaking which holds its breath. This calibre was indeed equipped with a co-axial escapement, the first functional exhaust developed for a mechanical watch for 250 years.

Emphasis should be placed here on the word 'functional': in fact, in the decade that followed the launch of the first co-axial calibre, Omega introduced little by little these exhausts in each of its lines. Each new produced mechanical watch will be equipped with this technology, which industry experts predicted yet, stresses the mark in its release "that it would, at best, a niche product that could be used for a very limited number of timepieces, all costly.

Simply described, the exhaust is the heart of the mechanical watch and allows to maintain the oscillations of the pendulum (the regulatory mechanism of the watch). The Replica Breitling watches escapement created by George Daniels uses more efficiently the available energy and chronometric stability remains better over time. The result is a movement that requires services more spaced compared to a Swiss lever escapement equipped watches.

With the launch of the caliber 2500, whose accuracy has further improved through the introduction of the sprung free (free), Omega sign a major revolution in recent watch history, reaching chronometric performance until then regarded as unattainable for mechanical watches produced in series. And this was just the beginning...

The launch in 1999 of the co-axial calibre was a springboard: indeed, continuing its momentum, the brand of the Swatch Group has continued to optimize its mechanical watches technology. In 2003, the presentation of the calibre 3313, chronograph movement with co-axial, once again created the event - which was however not comparable with the admiration aroused by the mark a little later...

In 2007, the brand launches indeed calibre co-axial 8500, marking a new step in the evolution of this movement: for the first time, Omega created a full gauge built around the co-axial escapement. Each of its 202 parts was specially developed and produced within the company for this new calibre. Manufacturing processes have also been optimized in order to produce this series movement. Omega has thus made a return to the sources: the company indeed owes its name to a movement that it had developed and mass-produced by 1890. The introduction of the co-axial 8500 watch caliber Omega is back among the watch manufactures Swiss, a term reserved for companies that design and produce their movements both internally.

And the saga continues in 2008 with the launch of the 8520/8521 co-axial calibre specifically designed for small diameter Rolex yachtmaster replica watches. This caliber was introduced in the new Aqua Terra collection for Lady, which illustrates that this technology works also for watches of 30 mm in diameter. This same year sees the launch of the co-axial 8601/8611 annual with calendar, with movement calibre of a date and a month for instant jump requiring only a single correction on March 1.

The revolution initiated by Omega there ten years ago, continues today with the development of new calibres to co-axial escapement which further complications will be added. Now, the brand plans to equip each of its new mechanical watches with an Omega co-axial calibre. Case to follow.

Here is a that discrete also luxurious dive watch. Indeed, a priori this Seamaster looks like a last generation Seamaster... But behind this sporty appearance, a totally separate piece in the universe of Omega. In fact, this Seamaster Planet Ocean Orange Ceramic is equipped with a 43.5 mm Platinum box 950 (waterproof 600 metres) with bezel GMT 24 hours whose polished ring is ceramic orange: a first world. And limited series of 8 copies only.

Engraved on the case of this (or even confidential) limited edition of eight watches for the world, the inscription 'World first' (for orange ceramic bezel *) and the number of the room confirm the uniqueness of this model. Of course, the Sapphire on the back of the case allows you to admire the Omega co-axial 8615 size equipped with a spiral Silicon Si14 (and warrants four years).

Note on orange ceramic bezel, numbers in Liquidmetal Platinum, the lines of the scale, the flange and the triangle on the bezel reinforce the remarkable aesthetic of this watch. Under the domed scratch-resistant Sapphire dial Platinum 950 sandblasted finish complements the orange ceramic bezel ring and the Platinum case waterproof to 600 metres (2,000 feet). Note the presence unobtrusive, but important "Pt950" registration that identifies the material of this beautiful dial.

In addition to the indices and needles faceted gold hours 18-carat white, and minutes and seconds, this luxurious diver presents various elements in orange aluminium, such as figures 6-9-12, the GMT indication applies and the needle Central GMT which completes a full rotation every 24 hours. This useful complication can be used with the rotating bezel to easily read the time in a second and a third time zone.

The watch is equipped with a beautiful bracelet integrated orange alligator with stitching in Platinum and a clasp Platinum 950. A second orange rubber strap is also proposed, along with a special tool to change it. This exceptional timepiece is marketed in a special wooden presentation box.

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